Wake up. Download Some Dang DOTS. Post Your Reaction.

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. Idol is gearing up for a hell of a 2018 with a bunch of teasers in the waning moments of 2017 that should do no less than to whet your appetite for an incredible year in music. In this case? Just one of Maniac’s very favorite things, Tokyo’s Dots, who have their first full-length album coming out in January — but you can get a full preview of the whole dang thing beginning right now if you know what’s good for you:

OTOTOY, where so much of my time and money gets spent

I’m deliberately withholding my reaction to this album, as I can only imagine its majesty and refuse to be sucked into anything prematurely — since when has Homicidols.com ever jumped the gun on anything? — though I can say that I was hype upon hype from the first moment that I heard that the motherhubbard Dots were giving up their album for free listens.

Like, I’m sure that this must be an early contender for Best Something of 2018; go ahead and show me a single Dots release that’s been anything less than completely, life-definingly splendid, and I’ll buy you a Coke right now, which is a thing that I’ll never have to do because Dots has never been anything less than completely, life-definingly splendid. This album is hot just on its hype. It’s a shame [spoiler alert] that the community didn’t select Dots for a single Best of 2017 award, because, musically and artistically, they’re a class apart from any other thing in idol, and still only getting better.

So download that thing. Listen to it. Then tell me how hard your mind was blown, or your life was changed, or you quit your job to become an indie idol producer except that you need to move to Japan, which you won’t ultimately do, so instead you content yourself to follow random nationals of yours who take up this whole idol business and whose example you allow to convince you that you, too, can make idol work in your country. That’s a long-ass sentence! But the Dots deserve my strangulation of the English language, damn it all. Enjoy that ish.

4 thoughts on “Wake up. Download Some Dang DOTS. Post Your Reaction.

  1. I like it. On first couple of listens through, there’s a lot to enjoy.
    I don’t plan on quitting my job quite yet though.

  2. I’ll be listening to this album a lot.

    I’ve already quit my job, so someone send me to japan to start my Jazz idol group.

    • That’s the best part about idol. We could do it all. I really like the idea of idol scat actually. Dempagumi.inc have a song where they kinda hit on that for a bit. It’s what gave me my idea. Haha!

      Imagine the juxtaposition of Wotas and a smoky jazz hall. It’s brilliant!

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