Party Rockets GT Still Got It, Man

Well shut my dang mouth! The last time Party Rockets GT put out anything, I all but declared them officially spent on the rock front. Going all the way back to 2016 and the addition of GT to their name, the unit had progressively softened their sound, and the inevitable turnover in the membership signaled, to me at least, the end of an era.

So what does the latest and greatest lineup do?

Nonetheless missing Fumika

They rock!

“NON STOP ROCK” is the new single, actually released a little while back but tastefully held in MV reserve until yesterday’s celebratory one-man. This is not from said one-man, but it’s how the new iteration plays live, if you were curious:

So what now? I’ll be honest and say that I’m surprised that they’re here, now, like this. In addition to the graduations, I’ve been saying for what feels like a year that Haruka was probably well on her way to a permanent solo project, and that Party Rockets would wind up going the way of sister unit Tokyo Rockets (which is to say, back into the safe confines of not-at-all-threatening music), and here we are. Haruka’s still there, the group is up to the kind of fun hard rock that they used to specialize in, and things look pretty bright.