Catching up with Gokigen Teikoku with Gusto

Well, I guess I’m the Gokigen Correspondent, too, now, even though I only really got properly into them a few months ago. No, this doesn’t mean I’m starting an “Ichiho’s YouTube Dungeon” column — writing bad BiS fan fiction takes up enough of my time as it is — you can forget me diving headfirst into the years of Gokitei YouTube lore that would be longer than every Harry Potter book combined.

But anyway, lots of fresh new news coming from the Gokitrain this past week!

First things first, Ponto Pero safely gave birth to a newborn purple member! Congratulations!

The departure of Hibiki last month was a pretty devastating loss, but true to their word of “eliminating stress,” it looks like the girls aren’t letting it get to them that easy, finding a willing newbie pretty quickly. And Alice is adorable! But will she fill the hole that Hibiki left behind? Well, you can judge for yourself right away (sort of), as Alice was a former member of the group with a ridiculously long name that sometimes gets shortened to Nyanteki! (They’re on Spotify!)

The other big news is the reveal of Gokigen Teikoku 2nd, now known as Gyakushuu no Operetta! Please say hello to new members Minami Nanami, Yuubare Melon, Mayouyoi Mariru (?), Churaumi Gura and maybe not so new member Tsuzura Nagi! Now, I’ll admit, when I first heard the news of Gokigen 2nd I groaned a little, awaiting the same kind of confusion as I did upon the arrival of Up Up Girls 2nd, so its nice that this group will have their own identity, so to speak.

Instead, they brought us a heap of other confusion! Is Nagi going to be in both groups concurrently, or will she take full reign of her surprise children? I’m sure we’ll know in due time, but for now at least it looks like she’ll be in both groups.

Now I have to watch their YouTube channel as closely as I do Pour Lui’s, pray for me.