There’s a Lot Going on in the New Party Rockets GT

Such is the travail of business travel that you sometimes see cool things and then can’t do anything about it. Take for example this new video from Party Rockets GT, their eighth single, “START”:

PRGT has better songs, but I don’t know if they have one that so totally covers what they’re all about — the melody is extremely familiarly theirs, there’s this chugging guitar and driving beat overlaid with some of the sparkliest idol vocals you’ll ever hear. And, of course, their dance game is actively simple, and their outfits are winners (though I prefer their blacks), and … look, why aren’t more of you people behind Party Rockets?

And in a completely different kind of “lot going on,” in case you missed it the other day, it looks like Haruka’s taking steps toward a post-Party Rockets life, with music and a YouTube channel of her own:


PRGT’s always had nice talent on the roster, and Haruka has been the stabilizing force at the center (and as leader) for a good while; as her time as an idol starts to draw short (she’s, what, 19 now?), putting her talents to good use elsewhere in music is a good idea for everybody involved. I’m tempted to say that her graduation is probably impending, as I saw possible clues to that in the “START” video, possibly because I elected to.

This is also where I’d normally include a note about Muto Ayami, on the perils of pushing a young now-adult into a solo idol career, but Muto’s back to music after her hiatus, so all I want to do is give Haruka a high-five for a cool song and wish her well.

Man, her eventual graduation’s going to be a tear-jerker; if Fumika ever leaves PRGT, though, it’ll probably be via interdimensional kidnapping.