Get a Load of the New MV from Party Rockets GT

Man, do I ever have mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand, it’s still a fun idol rock song:

And the setting of the video is a VR-driven hallucination of Haruka’s, so that’s neat.

On the other, I miss the Party Rockets that banged out things like “Kasabuta” and “Miriae” and sounded like the damn future.

I’m not going to blame anybody, especially not somebody on a major label, for dropping a summer single, especially not one putting their own spin on the concept. It’s just, you used to rock, Party Rockets. This sucker’s coming out on July 20; if we’ve learned anything, it’s that there’s always hope on the B-side.

2 thoughts on “Get a Load of the New MV from Party Rockets GT

  1. Now…be fair, Maniac. That riff-line was bitchin’, and there was plenty of good chugs in there too. As far as summer singles go, it could have been WAY WAY less “rocket” and a lot more “party”. Not that it is a bad thing, and not that I want to call down the wrath of the Mask Brigade upon me, but Natsu da ne was more “summer single”-y than this is IMO. (ohgodpleasedontkillmepleasepleaseplease)

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