Please Don’t Stop Being Loud, uijin

I had no idea that Neo Tokyo’s own snazzy electrocore* idols (that’s uijin) were going to be so idol-version-of-aggressive in the four months since their debut, and yeah, we could stand to have more live action available, but this is two slick, professional MVs already and a sound that continuously warms my heart:

Accurately titled!

I mean, we aren’t talking about breaking any new ground here — these are a lot of familiar moves, albeit put together in some unfamiliar ways. And Ary’s little bridge, where it sounds like mass media is in the middle of a complete … meltdown**? More of that, please.

Keep doing this stuff, uijin. Next year, you could be a player in the Corenament and a threat to the existing loudol order.

*I made that up
**I’m hear all week. Tip your waitress. Try the veal.

Via the indispensible Pure Idol Heart

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  1. I don’t know what we did to deserve Uijin, but we need to keep doing this, they’re SO GOOD.

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