Set Your Faces to Stunned: Aina the End’s MONDO GROSSO MV

I’m sorry, what? Oh, right. Yeah, no, I know, you’ve probably seen it by now. Maybe less stunned than doing that creepy-eager Jack Nicholson nod-gif thing.

And now that I’m sure that everybody’s enjoyed that arguably NSFW piece of work, you may feel free to carry on. Aina very well may be; this Try Aina Doing Different Things approach to what I can only imagine is a series of trial runs for a solo career seems to have found a much happier home than where she’s been before.

For those curious about the music (THAT’S WHAT THIS DANG SITE IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT KEEP YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTER!), it’s a nice recall to where Aina was first looking as a singer outside of idol. Her languid voice worked pretty well for Japanized R&B, and it works really well here in that more sultry, sumptuous, whiskey-and-cigars context too, like city pop on a slow-burning bender. Of course she can sing just about anything, but this I think is at worst her second wheelhouse.

2 thoughts on “Set Your Faces to Stunned: Aina the End’s MONDO GROSSO MV

  1. Mondo Grosso, or rather Shinichi Osawa, is a powerhouse producer, and I can’t wait for his new album at the end of the month.

    Labyrinth is still one of the most serene MVs I’ve ever seen:

    As for *this* video: I was expecting something spicy after obsessing over this track for a solid month and some, but good lord I wasn’t prepared for something THIS spicy.

    Judging by some of her interviews, I don’t think AiNA is interested in a solo career anytime soon. She bailed on her initial solo career because no one gave a shit, so at the very least, I imagine she’ll wait until BiSH peaks before she entertains the idea. If anything, these features are likely publicity for BiSH, to then in turn be publicity for any potential solo careers later.

    Then again, I’m also looking for simple logic and reason within the WACK realm, and lord knows that I already know how futile that is.

  2. As long as she’s happy in BiSH and they allow her the freedom to do these side projects, it’s a win-win for everybody. BiSH can continue to be awesome with her in it. And she can experiment all she wants outside of it, with great results like this. I’ll state for the record that I, for one, loved the Teddy Loyd thing and she should do another one with him. Please note that in the ledger. Thank you.

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