Better, BiSH

“Yes it is” said the mirror back to me when I, a-readying for slumber, saw the Thing Happening Then warning tweet and asked aloud, “It’s another dang MV, isn’t it?” not even to myself, but really just the universe, which apparently does not like me very much.

How very prescient of you, Mirror Maniac!

Note: I really wanted to be cute and meme-tastic and just write “Pour Lui didn’t die for this” and walk away, but I didn’t, mostly because that would’ve been a pointlessly hot and misguided and vapid take!

I never thought I’d be praising BiSH for improving, but here we are. It’s relativistic, of course, given that dusting off another flavor of familiar moves is less improving than returning to the mean, and the thing that I bitched about was bitched about largely on the not-strength of being “Kentacore ballad #1” while this one is more “Kentacore ballad #3” (the slightly rockier one!), but do note that “Kentacore ballad #3” is probably my second favorite Kentacore template — the first being the erroneously number #4, the origin of which is “primal” — and yes I did bop along to the song even while noting its depressing familiarity, thanks.

That MV is aces, though, isn’t it? I have no idea if it really-well-and-truly fits the song; it doesn’t need to.

And now that the theme songs are out of the way, maybe the Punk Band Without A Band can get back to rocking faces instead of just doing an impersonation of the same.

5 thoughts on “Better, BiSH

  1. What’s interesting is that this is the B-side of the single, at least in tracklist order.|

    And ayyy they aren’t releasing the single twice! Improvement indeed!! (lool)

  2. I don’t know why but this feels like a Sakura Gakuin song to me.
    I can almost see them performing it when i hear it.

  3. just noticed this song is the Ending theme of 3D Kanojo: Real Girl.
    wonder how i didnt realize this during the first episode..

      • i probably just closed the player when the episode ended last time like i almost allways do unless i know something has a good ED. just not really paying attention this time and then i was like: hey, this sounds like BiSH (halfway into it already, but yeah..)

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