New You’ll Melt More! Is More Than It Looks

First, if you’ve been waiting for the right entry point for You’ll Melt More!, this might not be it. Welcome to alt-idol on mescaline.

Two, if you’re already a fan of Yurumerumo, you’ll be perfectly okay with this “okay great, summer single, fine, nbd, of course there are zany antics and oh that’s a nice enOHMYGOD WHY YURUMERUMO WHY” video for the new mini-album thing.

C, if you’re not terribly familiar with You’ll Melt More!, that last statement may goad you into watching the video and wondering what the big deal is. IT’S A BIG DEAL OKAY.


I’m very serious-ass curious about what the singular best in alt-idol does now. They’re down to Kechon from the original membership, Younapi and Chiffon are making this thing in their own image by this sort of force of personality, poor Chibo got demoted FFS and goodness knows what Mone’s thoughts were as far creative differences.

The mini-album that this is from, and the summer tour accompanying it, is, of course, called WE ARE A ROCK FESTIVAL. If the rest of it, or the eventual full release from this iteration of the group, can come within punching distance of You Are the World, I’ll consider the tumult worth it.

(Can somebody score me a Kechon shirt? Please and thanks.)

10 thoughts on “New You’ll Melt More! Is More Than It Looks

  1. That ending made me genuinely cry, and I’m usually an emotional black hole.

    BTW, does anyone know who that bloke is; he seems to appear in many of their videos. Their manager?

  2. So irresponsible to give Ano a bladed weapon. I’m sure that violates her parole or something 😛

  3. Just a minor correction on my side: it’s Kechon that is the only original member left (Ano joined at the same time as Younapi and Chiffon). It is also the case since around 2 years if I remember correctly, as Mone wasn’t stricto sensu a member from the original quatuor (however I think she already joined when they released their first CD.).

    Doesn’t change the fact that is it a loss for the band.

    • Nope, you’re right. That Kechon-Ano thing was a dumbass mistake on my part. Updating now. I did not know that about Mone, though. Thank you for your good eyes and brain!

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