Here’s You’ll Melt More!’s New Year’s Gift to Us All

Do you guys remember when Yurumerumo was going to wrap up their WE ARE A ROCK FESTIVAL tour by playing their own instruments at the finale (inadvertently previewed here)? Like, Younapi with the hilarious Moog synthesizer and Chiffon on bass (of course) and you felt pretty confident about Ano on guitar and, sure, Kechon can probably handle drums?

It’s wonderful.

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I Love You’ll Melt More’s ‘Road to LIQUIDROOM’ Video

The song is boss, the members are … the members, and, well, it makes more sense this way:

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New You’ll Melt More! Is More Than It Looks

First, if you’ve been waiting for the right entry point for You’ll Melt More!, this might not be it. Welcome to alt-idol on mescaline.

Two, if you’re already a fan of Yurumerumo, you’ll be perfectly okay with this “okay great, summer single, fine, nbd, of course there are zany antics and oh that’s a nice enOHMYGOD WHY YURUMERUMO WHY” video for the new mini-album thing.

C, if you’re not terribly familiar with You’ll Melt More!, that last statement may goad you into watching the video and wondering what the big deal is. IT’S A BIG DEAL OKAY.

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