Two Members of Ladybaby Walked into a TV Studio …

Ladybaby is officially on hiatus, but Rie and Rei are still doing work together, in this case as hosts of this, uh, show with another weird adult man. Like, a lot of the stuff I watch is kind of weird because I can’t understand what’s being said and the context is missing, etc., but this is weird, period.

So enjoy!

Thanks a lot, Pure Idol Heart, for inadvertently getting me to actually watch this entire bizarre segment.

WAIT. This is a cool update:

Amina du Jean, An American Idol in Tokyo, is a cool person who set this particular record straight. I recommend giving her a follow — if you’d like to support a young woman from Detroit who’s taken the idol plunge, you can see her various ventures on her Twitter profile, and her appearance in the Ladybaby video is literally right here.

And now back to that TV show. Guests include …

Comedy idols Nama Hamu to Yaki Udon:

And gothic pop group STARMARIE:

I sometimes think, hey, no big deal. Go to Japan. Get into some idol shit. There’s no way that you won’t be able to handle it. And every time I think that, I am almost instantly reminded that I should stick to YouTube.

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