This You’ll Melt More! Dance Video Will Set Wednesday Right

It’s not a heart-rending transition to a new future for You’ll Melt More!, but what a peppy little number with a fun (and public!) dance routine:

Does anybody else see Chiffon in this configuration and wonder if her, uh, somewhat domineering personality stands out maybe just a little bit too much now without Mone and Chibo to offset her? (Please don’t hurt me, Chiffon.)

2 thoughts on “This You’ll Melt More! Dance Video Will Set Wednesday Right

  1. I don’t know much about her personality, but it does seem like they mixed her voice way more prominently on these recent tracks. Not speaking/reading Japanese, I can’t say I know much about any of their personalities besides the obvious (Ano being from outer space)

    • I derive this entirely from observation and facial expressions — they all have their quirks, but Chiffon sometimes genuinely looks like she might start smacking people. This is based on the fact that Mrs. Maniac often looks exactly the same way.

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