I Am Unhappy: You’ll Melt More! Losing 1/3 of Its Members

This is not how I wanted to start the day. Via Pure Idol Heart (via TGU):

Edit: This is embedding like butt, so:

Yurumerumo! [You’ll Melt More!] announced that Mone will graduate from the group and Chibo will move to Let’s PocoPoco.
Mone thinks that what she is wanted by the agency is different from what she really wants to do. That’s why she will graduate from the group.
Chibo originally likes an orthodox idol group like Morning Musume. Joining a major label, Yurumerumo! will become an idol group more like rock bands. The style is different from what she thinks an idol is. Also, at the same timing, the agency asked her to join Let’s PocoPoco, so she decided to move to the group.

(Chibo=orange, Mone=pink)

That is sucky news. It’s ultimately not tremendously terrible — idols are like subatomic particles, flitting in and out of existence (something about Heisenberg, too, but not now). And in this case, as long as Younapi and Chiffon and (personally) Kechon are around, the core is in place. But damn it all, YMM were like my master class in what idols are capable of doing. This is sucky. I am unhappy.

Here’s Yurumeruo at their most transcendent. Give yourself over to the emotion.

8 thoughts on “I Am Unhappy: You’ll Melt More! Losing 1/3 of Its Members

  1. This has got to be the most dysfunctional genre in the music industry. It must be the female element. Like herding cats(kittens). By the way, I wish I had 3 ears.

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  3. This is really sad 🙁 But, to be fair, I always thought that Mone will leave the group. The direction that yurumerumo! is taking just doesn’t fit her anymore, she used to be the ace member and since Ano and Younapi joined YMM Mone was more and more in the background. I still can’t believe it, this is one of my favorite idols unit, and i can’t see them as a 4 member group… I’m just sad.

  4. Man, that sucks! I only discovered them about a month ago and have attended one of their live shows for the first time last week. Being an idol fan (often) sucks!

  5. That’s a bummer, but I’ve realized how common this is in the idol game. They had a yellow member and a green member leave before I got into the group.
    In my mind, Ylmlm is Ano’s group, she epitomizes their weirdness. Or maybe Younapi, she epitomizes their “can’t sing, can’t dance, still idols, not sorry” aesthetic. I mean that in a nice way, 😛

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  8. You didn’t mention Ano-chan as one of the members for why Yurumerumo matters to you :((( Ano is the main reason I am a fan. I also like Chibo,but shez left to another group :’33 At least Kechon is still there. i like her toooo~ I dislike Chiffon’s singing voice, and Younapi’s is also strange… Ano’s voice always changes lolol

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