New Month, New Music from Minna no Kodomochan

I love this! The first of the month used to just mean handing over my rent check and making sure all the utilities got paid. These days, it also brings a new song from Minna no Kodomochan, one of the most musically adventurous chika idols who just happen to be hitting everything out the park recently.

You can get the song from other outlets here:

“Soliloquies” is Kodomochan’s attempt at a light, breezy summer song with acoustic guitar strumming and popcorn keyboards.  Of course, it is Kodomochan and quickly evolves into frenetic dissonance, but it never loses any of its warm charm.

This is one of the duo’s most upbeat tunes, along the lines of “Shoujo A”, but with a more open and accessible melody.  The music, as always, is composed by Jin Tanaka of BACK DROP BOMB with Honoka again providing the lyrics.

Everyone’s Children continue to crush it with “Soliloquies”.  This is fresh on the heels of the release of their MV for last month’s single, “walls”, which quickly became a front runner for Video of the Year. So our back-to-back Corenement winners are currently one of the most positively productive things happening in chicka idol.

On July first, we get the excellently titled “Dead Song”.

I can’t wait until the rent is due!!

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