Minna no Kodomo-chan Kicks off Summer with an Inexplicable Home Movie

I knew there was a reason to get out of bed today!

I don’t know if 2019, for idol, can truly be salvaged. After the huge run of beloved personalities and groups hanging it up just in the first quarter and a sudden paucity of particularly great releases, here we stand at the unofficial gateway to summer needing some kind of savior. Might we remember the year for the two BiSH EPs-turned-album? What about NECRONOMIDOL’s upcoming record? Or maybe something out of left field, yet to come?

Or maybe what two-time Corenament champions Minna no Kodomo-chan, who got me so very eager to see what they were going to be able to do with five straight months of new music when they … announced that that they were releasing five straight months of new music. Have mercy. You’d think that idols who consistently dominate the international popularity contests epic athletic contests annual contests that I definitely don’t rig Corenament would have just this enormous battery of digitized content for we humble gaijin fans to embrace, but it’s just not true — the best way to describe MV releases from the Children is “semi-annual.” (Or at least that’s the case for their history so far!) Rather, as we learned with “The Walls” a couple of weeks ago, they hold those cards close so as to unleash their full power at opportune and always impressive moments.

So this string was going to be special, you know? With five months of fresh material in the offing, it’s reasonable to hope that at least one track would get video treatment. And, brother, that hope was not in vain, though you may lose all hope by the time you reach the end:

I don’t want to get too much into the song — Daemon covered that in gory detail — except to praise its first-ever inclusion of blackened doom, uh, something. Trying to put exact labels on Minna stuff is a total fool’s errand, though I’m always game to try. I remember first hearing this when it released and wondering exactly how I was going to get the entire world to embrace it.

But what the ever-lasting fudge is this MV! I’m sure there’s a point to it; I’m sure that point is lucid and cogent and could easily be explained to a kindergartner with minimal effort with some kind of context, of which we are completely bereft as the entire context seems to be “there are two girls in this group.” It’s so weird and grainy that I almost expected it to turn into a snuff film. Hell, it might actually be a snuff film!

And to think that there are four more songs and goodness knows how many more video entries ahead of us. And June 1 is only a week away!

Bravo, team Kodomocafe. You don’t do this often, but you always knock it all the way out of the damn park.