What’s Next for Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da

Well well well! I was prepared for a really easy, walkaway Saturday morning, but of course the idols who invented Codomocore, who despite their second 40% membership overhaul in … good lord, a long-ass time, Zenkimi’s officially old now! Who despite having just undergone all of that have been surprisingly quiet of late. The whole company has, in fact, but this week started to open things up, from the updated name for KAQRIYOTERROR to yesterday’s announcement of the ssixth single from Yukueshirezutsurezure*. And yeah, now it’s time for Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da with the biggest announcement of all, a new single and a big-ass album’s worth of re-recordings with the updated membership:

The single, as with the upcoming one with the mostly-next-gen Tsurezure, is really the most exciting part of the equation, but I kind of love the nod back to, when was it, when Mene and Togare both joined up? Is that the last time they released a major re-recording? It’s not something that every idol group is willing to do, treating its own history as the real canon and the membership as the fungible side of the equation, but also treating the now membership as the ownership of that canon, and when you have as amazing a discography as Zenkimi has, like, that’s a good feeling. And it’s an excuse to buy the same thing over again!

Also, I completely and in every way love the updated membership weaponry — chucks! a bow! — and love the unending dedication to the members’ personal “charm” points

So now I hold my breath for the single preview and, dogs be good, an MV that can showcase the new era in a compelling way.

*And something from their lightstick group, too, but I barely care about that so