New Identity for Diamondollfy

In “Countdown to Extinction,” Dave Mustaine somewhat infamously* sang “Liars anagram is lairs.” I’ve been enjoying the ever-loving hell out of that incredibly cheese-dusted lyric for pretty much as long as I had the intellectual chops to understand its degree of ridiculousness. You may be able to guess why — if you’ve ever seen how I title a Malcolm Mask McLaren post, for instance, you may understand just how much I love good word play. And, for what it’s worth, that especially extends to anagrams.

So when I saw that Blue Forest group Diamondollfy had adopted a new name and look and … look, if a thing is just completely inexplicable, “Oh, is it an anagram” is always a good place to start. And along with the “new” “name,” we get a full unveiling by way of MV:

There isn’t a ton to give away what the difference really is, is there? I guess it’s a chance for a soft re-brand — three years in, that makes sense — with an updated, more mature look and a less fantasy-laden sound. Which follows! Back when I was first getting exposed to them, the Blue Forest groups were all sparkles and unicorns and “metal” more in the sense of Rainbow (if that) than anything else, only for them to self-fulfill that prophesy and move into much heavier territory over the last year or so. And it’s not like all signs are in that this is even permanent, given that their website is either unchanged on purpose or meant to only permanently serve the original.

Weird. I’ll take it.

*Read: Hilariously