This I.D.And Fly LooM Song Is So Simple and Awesome

You guys will have to forgive me, there’s a lot going on in Maniac Land this week, and I don’t have the energy to put hype in appropriate places for appropriate things. Good thing for us that the former Diamondollfy dropped this one the other day, and the results speak for themselves!

Now if only I could figure out what the heck the group’s new name is supposed to mean other than “nag a ram.” That’s a grammar joke, kids.

Let This I.D.And Fly LooM Build for You

Confession: I hadn’t listened to this over the couple of days since it dropped out of sheer cynicism, and then put it on and started to think, you know, chances are good that it’s just going to be a run-of-the-mill rock-like tune, no big deal, go ahead and Weekender it. That all takes a minute or two to arrange, though, and in that time, with a track playing in the background, you learn a lot more about that thing, don’t you?

You do. Give it time:

I mean, it’s not the most exciting thing that’s ever happened, but nor is everything but the most exciting thing, and I’ll happily put myself on record as being supportive of the way that the Blue Forest idols do their business (more than probably anybody else immediately outside of Japan, even), and I don’t have time to blog posts like I like to blog posts, so take the blogged posts that get blogged, all right! That break very subtly has like all of the things going on at once, and at such a low burn that you’d almost miss it if you hadn’t already tuned your brain to expect weirdness, which as an idol fan you no doubt do every time you hit play.

Also, the former Diamondollfy remains one of the most inexplicably named things I’ve ever seen, and Aglaia groove nomad.

New Identity for Diamondollfy

In “Countdown to Extinction,” Dave Mustaine somewhat infamously* sang “Liars anagram is lairs.” I’ve been enjoying the ever-loving hell out of that incredibly cheese-dusted lyric for pretty much as long as I had the intellectual chops to understand its degree of ridiculousness. You may be able to guess why — if you’ve ever seen how I title a Malcolm Mask McLaren post, for instance, you may understand just how much I love good word play. And, for what it’s worth, that especially extends to anagrams.

So when I saw that Blue Forest group Diamondollfy had adopted a new name and look and … look, if a thing is just completely inexplicable, “Oh, is it an anagram” is always a good place to start. And along with the “new” “name,” we get a full unveiling by way of MV: Continue reading

Diamondollfy Continues to Grow Up

Wow, has it been … several days! Yeah, I’m late to this party. Sue me. It’s Diamondollfy, who, along with the rest of their Blue Forest compatriots, don’t ever seem to quite connect with you all. And that’s fine. For Diamondollfy, though, it means missing out on some pretty enjoyable tracks, like for instance from their second single:

I have extolled the surprising, sneaks-up-on-you loudness of Diamondollfy in the past — indeed, at least in my experience, they’re the most reliably rock in the family — but this may be the first time that I’ve seen them so explicitly calling out that one essential rock-sound element. You know, a band. That they are a band. Which they aren’t, but it’s still one of those key visual things that tells a particular story about you and what you want a– I’ll stop belaboring something that you probably get. Continue reading

This New One from Diamondollfy Absolutely Rips

Happy Monday morning, everybody! Thanks to everybody who’s been adding their voice to the Best of 2017 cut-down. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of work to get down to just the tippy-top best … and then we complicate it by allowing anything that makes it in by the end of November to qualify. It’s like re-undoing your own work!

Speaking of late entrants, perhaps you’ll be moved by this latest piece from Diamondollfy, who only continue to improve:

It’s even called “Irony Dystopia”! Amazing

Continue reading

Enjoy Idol Helloween Like You Know You Want To

Happy Halloween, amigos! I’ll confess to being a little bit annoyed; while I love Day Job with all of my heart, I do always love the requirements of Day Job, which sometimes necessitates that I spend time doing things after hours and away from what I really want to be doing. In the case of Halloween, I always enjoy dressing up Maniac Mansion as a den of terror and pain, and myself as a murderer or demonic entity, purely to scare the ever-loving bejeezus out of the neighborhood children. It’s great!

But yeah, Day Job demands that I not get to enjoy that this year, so instead I turn to my more regular hobby — idols. And, you know who delivered? Friggin’ Blue Forest — Elfloat, Diamondollfy and Real Light, to be precise — with a live that I was totally stoked about even just as it was announced, let alone thinking that I’d ever get to see it. Continue reading

So Diamondollfy Kind of Killed This One

I was aware of this video, in fact aware of the song itself because I let it play in the background, and had no idea that it was Diamondollfy until I came back to it to do the post. Yeah, they’ve been a more impressive unit lately, but this song about gambling — which I also didn’t know until I looked because *surprise!* it’s a lyric video — is a) actually pretty good! and b) presumably a metaphor about risks and indulgence:

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Maybe This One Will Make You a Believer in Diamondollfy

Good morning! I have a few things to get out today, but of course music is going to take center stage. In this case, I present to you Diamondollfy via Pure Idol Heart.

Now Diamondollfy hasn’t really registered too much among you all, and that’s understandable; their “rock” and “kind of metal” moments are often more than a little attenuated, often a little bit of extra drumbeats or overdrive on the guitar or something to take it to a step somewhere just beyond the normal reaches of idoldom, whatever that even means anymore.

Their latest, on the other hand:

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I Guess It’s as Good a Time as Any to Talk about Diamondollfy

This new post from Viz Major (who’s the source of most of today’s stuff) in the Idolmetal group brought up a new song from Diamondollfy, which is a name that rang a bunch of bells and sent me searching the ol’ site to see if we’d gotten there, and all I had was a draft containing the group’s name as the title and two videos that you can enjoy after the jump.

So we didn’t get to them before, is the point, but this is a fantastic opportunity!

Is there anything that doesn’t happen in that song? Have mercy

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