NECRONOMIDOL’s New Members Debut in “TUPILAQ” MV

The new members of a resurrected NECRONOMIDOL make their first appearance in “TULIPAQ”, an MV released on the virtual eve of their no-audience livestream debut.

Sole surviving NECROMA member Himari is discovered by new disciples Shiki, Nana, and Roa who instruct her in the crafting of a tupilaq: a vengeful monster created by witchcraft, given life by ritualistic chants and then set loose into the sea to seek and destroy an enemy (thanks Wikipedia!).  The MV is presented in an interesting contrast of styles with hand-held, found-footage presented in subtitled, super-wide and artsy letterbox.

The song itself is a strong piece of NECROMA darkwarve with their signature emphasis on prominent vocals. The darkly layered instrumentation is composed by SLF!! who previously contributed “In Black” to VOIDHYMN and “Sarnath” to NEMESIS. The moody, gothic tone of the piece has a contrasting bounce to it that will make it a nice addition to their live shows.

Speaking of, NECRONOMIDOL’s debut  performance with their new cast is set for this Friday, June 5th at 20:00 (Japan Time) when they will be presenting “resurrection │ blood”, a no-audience, livestream.

The show is being put on by ZAIKO who make it pretty easy for Westerners to set up an account and accept payment via PayPal.

NECRONOMIDOL promise some online merch sales after the show, but if you can’t wait until then, you can pick up a new NECROMA logo t-shirt from our friends at ORIONLive to benefit a good cause (they have 2& shirts available too).