NECRONOMIDOL Awakens with Three New Members

Since mid-March, in his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu has been waiting and dreaming of the coming era when new dark disciples will emerge from the depths and spread madness to the far corners of the world once more.    

That wait is (almost) over. NECRONOMIDOL have announced they will be resuming activities in June  with three new members.

The new lineup will be, veteran  Himari Tsukishiro

Nana Kamino

Shiki Rukawa

and Roa Toda.

There has never been any doubt that NECRONOMIDOL would rise again after the departure of all but one of their members back in March. At the time, NECROMA had already announced the imminent debut of new member(s) and a new look,  so changes were already in the works. The departure of Rei, Michelle and Okaki just meant that the unveiling of those changes would be delayed and, we can assume, much more drastic than originally anticipated. 

It’s been little more than 24 hours since we were introduced to NECROMA’s three newest dark girls, so we haven’t been able to discover too much about them yet.  Little has generated this much buzz in Team Homicidols chat in a long while, so we have been digging. So far, we can definitely report that Shiki has an impressive set of pipes.  Also, despite early suspicions, we can confirm that Roa is not Momoland (we do the research so you don’t have to).

 For releasing such little information, anticipation is pretty much through the roof. I look forward to June when we can see this ultradark quartet in action.

In the meantime, if you are curious at to what recent NECROMA graduates Rei, Michelle and Okaki are up to, they will be announcing what lies ahead for them live this coming Thursday, May 7th.