Nani’n’Nerun? Release World’s Shortest Idol Album, Also Slightly Longer Single

Nani’n’Nerun?, that sub-unit of the similarly fond-of-terminal-punctuation idols, You’ll Melt More! are one of the better things to emerge in 2020.  Their name is a pun that sounds like “What do you do?” in Japanese, but that question mark conveys to me, a non-Japanese speaker, a sense of incredulity, as if I can’t quite believe what they have just done.

And I can’t quite believe what they have just done, which is to release a new album, six songs long but clocking in at a total of two minutes and thirty-two seconds.  No that’s not per song, that’s the entire length of the album! It may sound like two teenage girls messing about with GarageBand but sometimes that’s exactly what we need and it’s also the sort of punk rock behaviour we cheer and clap for at Homicidols dot com.  Short Short Songs 1 (and please God let there be a 2) is out now on your favourite digital music platform and you can listen to the entire thing in less time than it takes to read this article.

Thirty-three seconds longer than this album though, is their new single Sky Wah Wah, for which they’ve made another of their fun MVs:

Sure, it’s a style of video we’ve seen before but the girls make it seem fresh, adorable and hilarious nonetheless.  And that song!  They’ve already put out one of the best tunes of the year and this one is just as addictive while also being a track that would not sound out of place as a You’ll Melt More! single.

A small child found me watching this for the third time, looked at the screen and said:

“What game is that?”

“It’s the Game of Idol, son.  It can be a very difficult game but the very best players make it look as effortless and joyful as this.”

is what I should have replied but I just grunted something along the lines of It’s A Music Video You Wally.  He watched it for a minute and said,

“It’s got everything!”

Which is a much better and succinct review than you’ll get out of me.