Welcome the Hell Back, Avandoned

It has been so goshdarned long, you guys, since Avandoned last appropriately graced these pages that I had this little twinge of hesitance when, finally finally finally, their post-hiatus return single finally landed, and we got the kind of MV that only Beni, Kotao and a small handful of like-minded creative weirdos would dream of putting together. One, as perhaps the twee-est of all twee alt-rock art idols, Avandoned only aligns well with the mission of Homicidols.com at about 80 percent of the same frequency as, say, You’ll Melt More!; two, this is usually Brian’s gig.

I can only imagine that my dude will forgive, though, as he’s probably still recovering:

That’s great, but please do “Explosive romance” next, please and thanks

Yeah, the video is quirky and off-beat and fun as all hell, and maybe that’s what Beni and Kotao want you to be paying attention to, but let us please consider this absurdly catchy, fun, jam-tastic little song all on its own merits for a minute: That opening beat had me wondering if Avandoned wasn’t taking a very obvious and deliberate cue from the Jackson Motherhubbard 5, but then the chords went all haywire and on a trippy Very Brady adventure we went. The Partridge Family would’ve struggled to keep up that kind of positivity.

That’s what Avandoned brings you, man. It’s total, non-stop, can-do esprit de wota — their music doesn’t make you want to run through a brick wall, but to team up with your friends and yes even those weirdo kids down the street to build a new wall together to make up for having gotten into that stupid argument about who was going to be allowed to collect Coke bottles in the vacant lot that scared ol’ Ms. Carruthers’ cat into traffic just as Gus the Ice Cream Man came barreling through in his van and swerved to avoid it and SMASH went right over the curb and into Doc Johnson’s record store. And when would you have time to do that? Why, “AFTER SCHOOL”, of course, which is naturally the title of this weekly series of episodic shorts documenting teen life in an economically troubled post-boom upper Midwest town.

That’s Avandoned.

What are the odds that Beni can be convinced to do another adventure in North America? In my stupid head booking, one of my favorites is a combined Aqbi and Avandoned-plus-exes lineup that pretty much just combines a bunch of my favorite things for a few hours’ worth of triptastic times. And they should bring along JyuJyu because it would be impolite not to.

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