Lots of Change Is Afoot for the Various Up Up Girls

I take no credit for this — Kerrie brought it up in chat and I just stuck it into the queue so as to have pieces in one place, to which Kerrie responded “OH GREAT YOU DO IT” and thus does one the least well-versed-when-it-comes-Up-Up-Girls-at-least people is the bearer of what is almost assuredly some degree of bad news, but these things do always depend on perspective.

So! Yesterday, Up Up Girls announced that, following a big-ass outdoor live on the 26th, the old regime will be no more and a new regime will rise.

Considering that the opening acts for this gig are Up Up Girls 2 and Up Up Girls Pro Wrestling, it is highly likely that said new regime will consist in no small part of members promoted from one or both of those units, in some combination and possibly among each other as well, because it’s idol.

UUG is also, uh, crowdfunding to support the extravaganza, which does strike one as odd when one considers that this is a group supported by one of the biggest companies in the game and has quasi-major label backing. But hey, give them money!

And of course, things being what they are, what better way to prepare to say goodbye than to drop an MV that, paired with its song, encapsulates “we always have and always will perfectly straddle the line between being hard-rocking chika rejects and major label tradols.”

And we love them for it. Frankly, after almost a decade, this is a nice send-off. I just hope they let my girl Mori Saki defeat some other poor chumps in arm wrestling one final time.