UNDER BEASTY Is Releasing Too Much Music and It Makes My Brain Hurt, Thank Goodness

I bet you, yes you!, have read through the Weekender while sipping your free trade organic Sumatran dark roast coffee and pondered, gee, how does this sausage get made? Well, friend, I’m here to tell you that the Weekender is painstakingly curated over the course of t– HA HA HA! I mean, yeah, it takes some work, but for the most part somebody makes a draft post for it and sticks in something, and then others on Team add around it, and then I get lazy and make an Idol in Focus, and back when we had the various other features we’d look for X, Y or Z, but then the coup de grace on Saturday morning is my personal dive through the very many hundreds of YouTube accounts that I subscribe to, hunting for new content that is both genuinely new, genuinely interesting and from diverse enough sources that you don’t always see the same things. And now that we’ve set the stage, let me say that those video dives often yield more workable content than you’d expect, and in this past weekend’s case very notable drew my eyes back toward the former indie wonders in UNDER BEASTY, and a new MV from them, and that is right below, but also let me say that no post can make any sense (even with the way I write!) without additional context, and so it was that I also looked to UB Twitter and saw that they’re releasing a new single, and so this all made sense:

However! Just a few days prior, they dropped the MV for “Trust in …”, which is an almost perfect idorock ballad:

Now, “Trust in …” is actually a completely different single release, from the first week of August, which means that it is in no way associated with “Real Blade”, which … releases next week:

Though I presume that “YNDR” is the B-side for one version or another

Also, I see that avex is now distributing them at the very least; may the gods help them

Yeah yeah, I’m sure they’re doing that release-per-month thing or whatever. Good for UB! I’m saying, I wasn’t aware of this, and I’m sure that the percentage of readers who click on Homicidols Dot Com for actual news nowadays has effectively zero overlap with the population of people who are idol enthusiasts who usually already know the things and are here to nod sagely or scoff at our various takes on what happens in idol. Ergo, either you knew this was happening and it doesn’t matter because you want to share UB fandom with other weirdos on the Internet by seeing what they have to say about the thing you also have an opinion on, or it’s also news to you and frankly why do you care one way or another, you’re getting a completely free look in on a musical subculture through a lens that you can relate to, so the specifics don’t matter so much as the content itself. There are certainly exceptions, too, I’m sure!

The point is, I’m vigorously pointing at these very enjoyable UNDER BEASTY releases and encouraging you to consume these free digital media, and then to as you are able purchase the physical versions of said media, or stream via your favorite service, whatever have you, and many of the specifics don’t so much matter. Give them money. It’s super-duper-incredibly rare that a completely independent, member-driven idol project has this kind of staying power, and rarer still that it have UB’s relative level of success in that time. Do it for Yua, basically, especially now that she has everybody else riffing on the tiny, tiny hats she has converted to that weird bow thing in their hair.