More from DAIDAIDAI, Please, Forever

Well, today’s been a fairly heavy one (though I think I’m going to stay on the DEADLIFT LOLITA thing for a while yet), but some of the best and simultaneously most unsung work in idol is still happening, and now would be a great time to crank it up to 11 and rock out.

I speak, of course, of DAIDAIDAI:

I’m going to be honest: DEMON TAPES drives me nuts. I’m yet to hear something from them that isn’t a straight-up delight, and yet it’s so bloody hard to appreciate in full because most things are delivered either via short clips or lyrics videos, and there aren’t even all that many of those. I love what the team puts together*, though, and will happily carry their water any time the debates about who in idol is great come up.

Interesting note on DAIDAIDAI, though: They’re now calling the sound “SOLID CHAOS POP”, as accurate a descriptor as I can come up with. Please continue to make more of it!

*Every so often, I fall a little too in love with how I write about a thing; that post is a great example

2 thoughts on “More from DAIDAIDAI, Please, Forever

  1. YES! YES YES!

    I woke up yesterday and this was one of the first things i saw but since i had slept weird i waited until just a little bit to listen to it because i wanted to be in as good condition as i can be when i listen to it. 😛

    HOW CAN WE MAKE THEM POPULAR? Let’s brainstorm.

    • Your guess is as good as mine! All I got is: Find the electro-whatever scenesters and convert them like how Dots won over the shoegaze crowd. The problem is that I don’t know where to find them!

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