Your Homicidols Weekender #53

We made it back to the weekend! Gah, what a hi-lo week in idol. I did think it was funny how hard the idol news cycle bit on the Ladybaby thing, though. For some reason, anything that happens with that projects has always been like chum in seawater.

There’s a lot coming up today. Like, volume-wise. Like, Best of 2017-wise, from whose process Kerrie already smartly knocked off a week but still feels like an interminable slog just to allow you, the fans, a chance to vote. Remember: DEMOCRACY DOESN’T WORK.

That’s still a little while away yet — gotta fix some mistakes that I made last night. In the meanwhile, go read about the Poppy experience, or familiarize yourself with the WACK Election (which we all complained about and then immediately rushed to participate in), play the Fun, etc. It’s gonna be great!

Year 2, Huh?


What is even happening with C-Style anymore?

This guy!

mistress new logo!

Sayonara to Spark Roadshow:

It’s not too late to catch Minna no Kodomo-chan on YUNIKA VISION:

Aphrodite, who are apparently now a trio, are promoting a new single and have incredible alternative cover art:

Some of ex Guso Drop are in this MV:


Okay, RHYMEBERRY, we get it, you can release a lot of MVs in a week:

Remember when:


I really wish that BIRTH would release something for me to enjoy entirely too much:


Somebody help me get to this:

Hey, look who’s on Bandcamp now!

Good to see that my girl Samitsu Misa is still alive enough to do weird things on Twitter:

Alloy with a trailer for their one-man DVD:

The enigmatic boss at RABBITS Lab posted a video game playthrough?

Thank you, John, for pointing out that true idol joy is but a fleeting, evasive thing, and barely known heavy af regional units with a mere handful of wota are the sorrowiest of them all:

I have this weird theory that Fumika here is secretly the Party Rockets GT manager and also at least 28 years old:

Now this is how you review an album:

A-to-J with BAND-MAID:

The actual best thing about this Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da video isn’t their dress, and it isn’t the kawaii; it’s Yotsu’s hair:

Emi has, I think, stopped her daily ice cream videos, but she’s now in re-runs:

Few things in the world are as wonderfully reliable as Kindan no Tasuketsu uploading weird little tracks to Soundcloud:

Have a bonkers weekend!

That’s right; NICKELBACK

4 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #53

  1. About that “what” video:

    If I’m following it correctly, “Dr. Mahiru” from SAKA SAMA (And let me tell you how much I loooooove that an idol calls herself “Doctor”!!!) teamed up with who I’m pretty sure is avant-noise artist “The Great Triangle”.

    Manic, you probably remember The Great Triangle from the Multiple Tap tour with Hijokaidan and Avandoned! At the Richmond show, he used a power vac set on reverse to expand a plastic bag to fill up half the room during his set while making random noises with horns and various found objects. His set in Baltimore may have been different cause I doubt they do the same thing twice!

    Also, xoxo(Kiss&Hug) on Bandcamp!!!! Holy heck yes!!!!!!

    • Oh, so that’s the same noise guy! I thought maybe; the device sounded similar. Man, that was a weird 20 minutes. Our balloon was smaller, but the noise was SO NOISY, and then it abruptly ended. “Thank you” said the man I now take to be The Great Triangle, and we politely applauded.

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