A Friday Fun for Liberty and Justice for All

Did you know, last night I had a dream where we had a proper awards ceremony for the Best Of 2017, it was live streamed and everything. Keyakizaka46 were there even though I’m certain they’ve never even been covered on this site, but take what we can get, right? Anyway, it came to a close halfway through, because Maniac had to go and do emergency office things, and someone I haven’t spoken to in a decade suddenly appeared and threw my laptop into a ditch.

Anyway, here’s #IdolAttemptsAtGoingGlobal!

God damn it Watanabe, you just make Friday Funs way too easy, I both love and hate you (mostly the latter though). You know that anecdote about the dream I just gave? Swap a few roles around and I think this is exactly how the election results are going to be announced. Mark my words! Kenta will suddenly disappear and a horde of angry WACK fans are going to throw Watanabe’s laptop in a ditch and then there will be seven new documentaries about it.

I was just going to let this election slide by because let’s face it, Aina’s going to win. But then I saw all these fanmade election posters going around on the Japanese side of Twitter and thought “I gotta get in on that.”

Honestly, the one thing I liked about the 48g elections was how creative some of the campaign posters could get. I thought it would be a lot of fun to join in!

Non-WACK idols can be done of course. What’s an election without some write-in votes that’ll most likely be ignored? For example, I’m casting my write-in vote for the girl who simultaneously won and lost the 2017 WACK audition, then lost Miss ID, but won our hearts.

(srsly tho, follow her, she’s awesome)

Tweet your election posters with #UltimateIdolElection to show support for your fave!

(Oh, and if you are going to do a WACK one be sure to tag that member too bc some of them are retweeting their fan posters right now!)


UPDATE: So I made this post a few days prior to publishing, between which I also tweeted the #Aono2017 campaign poster during a twitter conversation about this election, and also fangirled about her a little more through my Twitter. Then all of a sudden, things got crazy:

It looks like I’ve been found out by Aono and a bunch of her Japanese fans!

I’m pretty amazed right now, to be quite honest. I think the last time I did something jokingly out of love only for it to be taken in by both the Japanese wota and reaching the idol herself was #YuraSmile, which I’m still shocked by how it turned out even today! As an idol fan, it genuinely touches me when things like this happen.

So I want to take this opportunity to thank the idol formerly known as Terayama Yufu (2) and make her (kind of) famous! Follow her Twitter, send her some love, there’s even a second Friday Fun hashtag, #JusticeForAono for you to tweet support! If you wanted to, you could even combine the #UltimateIdolElection and #JusticeForAono Funs and make your own Aono 2017 election posters! And if you know of any other failed WACK audition finalists who’ve since resurfaced, feel free to use this hashtag to let us know! I’d love to know what they’re up to these days!

So, to round things up, two hashtags this week!

#UltimateIdolElection to create and post your own Homicidols election posters, and

#JusticeForAono to show your love for a really awesome young lady!