DAIDAIDAI’s New MV Is Like a Sign of the Times

I am so, so happy to get DAIDAIDAI’s first official MV from the digital gods this morning.

It’s absolutely perfect for the worst day of the week!

I want to be able to do that “this sounds like” thing, but I don’t have an analog for this. It’s like PSYBOU KANOJO, but it isn’t PSYBOU KANOJO. It reminds me a little bit of some flavors of industrial and digital hardcore, but it also doesn’t. I get a Koutei Camera Gal kind of vibe from the vocals, except the DJ has the wrong sample pack and the engineer was stuck working with some dubstep project’s presets. It should be played on that level of the club where the really serious drug users and cyber fetishists hang out, where you just wanted to go because you heard about a drink special that’s that-floor-only, and now they’re looking at your weird and vaping what smells like burning ammonia and this was a bad idea. That’s what it sounds like.

I wish I could decide on whether I think a new paradigm was just set, or joined, or it’s all just a flash in the pan, but goshDARN does it feel wonderful. The members are mostly obscured; there’s so much noise, so much fuzz and feedback, and without having to bludgeon anybody with beats, too. Hell, the vocals work really well despite having the intensity of socks.

Pretty much everything that DAIDAIDAI has done to date has been good-to-great. This is somewhere in there, depending on your mood or tastes. I hope it’s the beginning of a long road ahead.

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