Minna no Kodomochan Launch Five Months of New Music with “wall”

Kodomochan, fresh off of their back-to-back Corenement championships, has released the first deliverable of their recently successful crowdfunding campaign. As promised, from now until September, Everyone’s Children will bless us with a new song each and every month.  

May’s entry is the minimalistically titled continuation on the group’s core theme: “wall”

“What potent blood hath modest May.” ― Ralph W. Emerson

The doom metal pacing is is a perfect set-up that drives right into a synth-pop transition to… more metal. It’s like Iron Maiden invited Flock of Seagulls over to jam (think “I Ran” meets “Run to the Hills”).  Like many Kodomochan songs, it contains a glorious aural revelation that is worth staying around for before devolving into a reckless and manic finish including one last metal drop.

It has yet to show up on international iTunes, but is available on Spotify and in a few other places.


Future releases have been announced as follows:

  • June 1 – “Everybody Alone”
  • July 1 – “dead song”

August and September’s song titles are, as of yet, undecided.

In the meantime, “wall” is an excellent entry in Kodomochan’s brilliant portfolio as curated by primary songwriter Jin Tanaka (also of nu-metal/ska outfit BACK DROP BOMB). Their signature tunes do not follow a typical song structure (verse → chorus → verse → chorus → bridge → verse → chorus).  Instead they are compositions with a distinct beginning, middle and end melding together multiple alternative genres with an underlying musical theme. Kodomochan are probably the only group out there who will channel influences as diverse as Devo, Black Sabbath and Yaz into a single, coherent, four-minute tune.  

In other news, the Minna no Kodomochan fan club fired up last month and is in full gear. For ¥540 per month you can get some pretty exclusive benefits like the chance to win an autographed t-shirt or an alien doll Honoka and Cinnamon picked up at Donki and signed.