Your Homicidols Weekender #129

Happy weekend! I’ll tell you guys, I desperately need these couple of days off — the past week was a monster, and the next will be too. It’d be great if I could just chill for a little while. It’s been almost two years since I could really do it this way, but I remember when Saturday in particular could very easily be a good ol’ fashioned day of nothing, and I’d catch up on things that I really wanted to, and at that point very literally just idol for hours. It was good stuff! And with it being a decidedly dreary day and most of my projects caught up, today would be a good candidate.

But no. No, a weekend visitor will soon descend upon Maniac Mansion, and entertainment and sustenance must be provided. Alas, my dream weekend will need to come at some other time! So let’s take what we can get from a pretty solid week of idol — I told you the season was heating up again! — and you should definitely play this week’s terrifying Fun if you have a minute.

May the Fourth Be With You

Yoneko is too good for us:

Tell me how shocked you are that this is from a SCRAMBLES producer:

When Payrin’s met JyuJyu:

You may have seen the scuttlebutt about the super-promising LAST IN MY CULT losing half its members when they no-showed their own graduation gig; here’s them going as a three-piece:

uijin has been putting lots of this one-man online:

Something something WILL-O’ something something:

Some C-Style? Sure!

An absolute ton of Osaka Shunkashuto via Periscope:

Nbd, just Candye Syrup catching up with an old friend:

I haven’t talked about Kindan no Tasuketsu in a while, so go ahead and dig in:

Posting to have an excuse to share a photo of my favorite idol friendship:

Well this is harrowing:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is none other than NECRONOMIDOL, who finally had their first one-man with the new lineup on Tuesday. I had intended to share this promo ahead of that, but, well:

Most importantly are new stage outfits, apparently designed by Michelle:

But the most important thing will be their next album, also the first with the new lineup, coming in June:

What a title

Go buy PassCode’s album:

Dots gone? One-man live in full anyway!

Almost regardless of how you feel about Not Secured, Loose Ends, you can’t deny that this thing they’re doing is a great way to learn about new acts:

Reasons to join Minna no Kodomo-chan’s fan club include live video!

Io vs. Emily, who ya got? (Kagura is the answer.)

Always good to see Muto being Muto:

Sage advice from Aya:

Have a great weekend!

Now that’s what I call an idol renaissance … get it?