A Friday Fun for When You Wish for Something Safe and Boring

Last week you described music videos, badly!

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You know what they all have in common?

Regardless of whether you think their music or members are good or not, they all have names that make you go “Wait… what are they called?”

Are their names technically good names because they bring forth attention and discussion from the overseas fandom? Or are they just plain bad? Either way, try telling someone your favourite J-Pop group is KinKi Kids and see their response.

So, is it that the key to a good idol unit is a questionable name? Well, WACK sure seem to think so, all their idol group names are a bitch to try and google! This week, let’s come up with our own! Bonus points if you come up with a concept for your imaginary group that doesn’t fit the name at all! Tweet your ideas with the hashtag #TerribleIdolNames, which one do you think will happen next?