May Malcolm Mask McLaren Make Mucho More Moves

Well, team, if the last release from the new arguable idol punk rock champions (that’s Malcolm Mask McLaren, if you’re scoring at home) got you motivated to become a fan, maybe their latest drop onto Soundcloud will help to solidify that opinion for you:

I’ll say this: “Existence” and now “Reach you my thoughts” are all well and good, and right in line with a lot of what MMM had been doing over the past couple of years (holy smokes), which is great. Retrospectively (points at self), it’s been a little easy to point at “Bordeaux” as some kind of outlier, but it really isn’t, not when you put it all into perspective. I’d actually be pretty stoked if they went that slightly easier route more often! I am, however, glad that they didn’t stick with that image; city pop-style glam you are not, MMM.

Also, just for those of you who are scoring at home, this isn’t a completely new song, though I’m glad that they’re sticking with it.