Never Miss Another Episode of Spiritwalker TV

While I do still fantasize about GWAR’s Slave Pit TV being real and occupying some of the useless channel space in my directory, I’ve never really had a whole lot of interest in idols’ live broadcasts of anything other than performances (and auditions, but whatever). They’re on at terrible times, very rarely involve anything important and chew up attention span that I need for more important things.

The answer is because I can’t Japanese

Nonetheless, YouTube as a venue has keeps getting smarter and better, and idols are catching on to all of the ways that the medium can be leveraged. Yes, it’s limited, but it beats the crap out of SHOWROOM and stuff, which are butt interfaces. I’ve caught a few Dotscasts on YouTube, for instance, which were inexplicable-but-not-a-total-waste-of-time.

This brings me to PiGU — or, more appropriately, the whole dang Spiritwalker / POPiD family — who launched their own live broadcast … about two hours ago. You can still watch, though!

They had me at “Keikarin”

Now, about that “never miss” thing … Look, we’ve clearly already missed it once, and that’s fine. I plan on missing it almost all of the time, because 20:00 in Japan is Other Things to Do O’clock here in the National Capital Region! However, I can admit that I did intend to run this bit of info yesterday and just got distracted and then forgot, so:

Subscribe on YouTube. 20:00 JST on Thursday. Keep me updated.