Hanako-san Is the Demon We Never Knew We Always Needed

It’s been so long since we last got some new material from the unofficial mascot of Homicidols.com that I was starting to think that she wasn’t ever going to give us fresh music, but the gods smiled upon us this day.

I’ll warn you, when you see the title, your brain may immediately go to Babymetal, and you may be expecting a power metal romantic epic that takes you on an emotional journey about swords and moons and stuff. In fact, I recommend that you set your expectations in precisely that direction before you hit play on this puppy:

So, it does take a huge cue from Babymetal’s “Akatsuki,” but as rendered by the likes of Pig Destroyer. And of course it is — have you heard Hanako-san’s “Suki Suki Daisuki”? You probably have, and you probably immediately fell in love. If this is your first Hanako-san, first, my goodness where have you been, but also do you see why pretty much everybody is down with what the 14th generation toilet ghost does? Idol is largely ongoing exercises in the commonplace, but there are a whole raft of unique entities among the chika ranks, and at the very top of that select heap sits a tiny, eye-patched dead girl who screams like the very manifestation of pain itself.

If there were a way to bring Hanako-san on the Necroma tour, I’d fund it myself. My goodness.