Malcolm Mask McLaren’s ‘Bordeaux’ Friggin’ Rocks

Man, guys, it’s gonna be a good Friday.

Malcolm Mask McLaren, now operating as much without masks as with, are not in fact going in a musical direction that’s anything other than straight-up idol punk rock, but are in fact straight-up idol punk rock.

I like this so much, I even dispensed with the usual overly alliterative title

That’s the A-side from their upcoming “Bordeaux” single, which is still more than a month away from release, and I have a feeling that it’ll sell like hotcakes; I’ve always enjoyed the fact that MMM calls their music “melodic hardcore” (the YouTube description refers to “Easy Core,” too, which is phenomenal), because while I could quibble on exactly how hardcore-like the bulk of the composition is, melocore is nonetheless plenty accurate.

Still not gonna get used to the whole no-masks thing. Also still a little bummed that the slicker, updated urban artwork and very -wave title did not presage a turn to fill the void left in an Especia-less world, but what are you gonna do? Punk rock gonna punk rock.

I’m probably going to wind up virtually spinning this like 20 times today.

Happy Friday.

This is a very fun song, right? Do you know what else is very fun? Becoming a patron of! I’ll even make patrons-only stuff to make that monthly $1.50 worthwhile!

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  1. As usual MMM is nothing short of amazing! Cool MV with a great look at the group having fun.

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