It’s Time for the #BadassBabymetal Gif Party!

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Kerrie’s really mad at me for basically begging her to lead another Gif Party this week. And then she did it nonetheless! What a sport. Remember to check out her Redbubble store.

Doomsday is upon us.

Well, actually according to the Daily Mail, Doomsday was supposed to happen yesterday, but since when are the Daily Mail right about anything, so lets just jump into it.

This week, to celebrate Babymetal’s tour finale at the humongous Tokyo Dome, this week’s gif party theme is #BadassBabymetal! Twitter, Facebook, comments here, whatever. Exactly what it says on the tin: We want your gifs of Babymetal being badass AF:

Gif of Babymetal from the Karate music video

Or maybe just adorable:

Gif of Moametal eating cream pie. Don't be a pervert.

Gif of Yuimetal playing in the Uki Uki Midnight video

Or silly:

Gif of Moametal doing the Moafish

Give of Babymetal and Babybones playing in the Uki Uki Midnight video

Or perhaps you just love Su’s resting bitch face:

Gif of Su-metal's resting bitch face

Either way, we approve!

Gif of Yuimetal from Ijime Dame Zettai

You may be wondering what happened to the best of #IdolsGoneWild. The truth is, I was busy and Maniac forgot to do it, so we’re going to come back to it next week. But we’ll remember to do a recap of these on Monday!

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