Kodomo-chan Goes Crowdfunding Again

So I got a little irrationally excited when 2018 Corenament winners Minna No Kodomo-chan announced that they would be launching a new and “very important” crowdfunding project. I mean, the product of Kodomo-chan’s last crowdfunding campaign was their Album of the Year-nominated World Without Walls and a promise to fly to one fan’s house anywhere in the world to perform a live, personal concert.

While we await the announcement of whether or not our living rooms will be blessed by the presence of Honoka, Cinnamon and their hyper math-punk and doom metal drops, the objectives of their second crowdfunding campaign have now been announced.

This time, if they meet their goal, Everyone’s Children will release one new song per month for five months starting in April 2018. Then, after the release of the fifth song in August, they will embark on a nation-wide tour (“Japan” being the nation; since Oyasumi Hologram crowdfunded their U.S. tour, I guess we need to be specific).

The crowdfunding campaign is being hosted on Campfire, which is not entirely friendly to pledges coming from outside of Japan, so contributing directly may be a little complicated.

One curious item is that the duo went back to their Disney-princess inspired costumes and subway graffiti-style walls to make the crowdfunding announcement.  This may indicate that the black and red of World Without Walls and cancer may have just been a temporary theme. Whatever is to come, if it involves new Minna No Kodoma-chan material, I am fully on board.

And if you would still like to be in the running for their personal anywhere-in-the-world concert, there are still a few limited edition copies of World Without Walls available at HMV&Books and Amazon.jp.