Sweet Holy Crap, Oyasumi Hologram Is Going for It

Well my Sunday just got a lot more interesting!

What follows below is the MV and initial draft reaction to Oyasumi Hologram’s release of their “ghost rider” MV the other day, which I was very enthusiastically going on about and, well, you’ll see the punchline at the end. I called the post “Everything That Oyasumi Hologram Does Is Perfect, Isn’t It?” Nonetheless:

I sure am glad that I woke up late!

Between the lines below is what I had originally written to be as on the nose as possible. I don’t know everything about idol, the U.S. music business, Ogawa-san’s vision, if we can convince VMO to come along, etc., but I do understand how certain things appeal to certain people, and Oyasumi Hologram has the kind of sound and name and look that could absolutely clean up by playing a combination of the right niches and the right broader audiences. They have the chops to extend well beyond the attention of idol fans and other assorted weebs.

And now for that original post content!

There people in this world who don’t co-sign OYSM. These are probably the same people who give UGGs existence, who are why every bar in my area has like 35 IPAs and Miller Lite, who validate The Big Bang Theory by watching it. Maybe, just maybe, if Oyaholo CDs were hand-delivered to every person who subscribes to Tidal (their own subset of misery, I’m sure), we’d have the kind of musical revolution that this country desperately needs. No more de-fanged rock, mumble rap or 35-writer-credit pop tracks, but tunes that can elevate the existence of the listener, inducing compulsive heuristic explosions of creation. I called 969 the closest that idol gets to what I’d do with Americanized idol; I call Oyasumi Hologram the headliner of an idol tour that I’d put together, along with a select class of genre-warping master performers serving as exemplars of what idol can be and how people need to look at it.

And yet. And yet.

Spooky, ain’t it? I’m not going to try to guess what all OYSM is going to be doing in terms of dates and locations (think East Coast please! New York has the most cache of all!), but that’s a nice date range, and some smart booking that I will be more than happy to help with and suitable marketing that I will also be more than happy to help with could make for a fairly profitable endeavor. They’re going to absolutely kill it here.

Can you support the crowdfunding endeavor? Maybe! There are plenty of ways to route cash to these things, as BURST GIRL fans found a little while back. If it’s Ogawa-sans’s wish to make it Japanese fan-supported, though (with the tour itself as how Americans and others support them), maybe it’s best to respect that. However, if you are Japanese or can realistically pretend, let me just say that every contribution will no doubt help them do more gigs and earn more fans.