This Is a Very Loud Bury Live

Stupid Best of 2018! I don’t mean to complain, not totally, about one of my favorite things to do all year, but one of the most work-intensive; I just regret trying to do that work at one of the busiest times of the year for Real Life things. Are idols not real life, you query, and to you I say, please tell me that you’ve left the house this week. No, what I’m getting at is that I’ve been watching things flit through my streams and pop up in my notifications and get mentioned left and right and I’ve been time-powerless to do anything about them. And some of them are good! May I make up in due time.

One thing that I didn’t want to wait popped up as like a rude awakening, as I have all but taken Poppy’s advise and deleted my Facebook. I have not, though, and will get pinged about things sometimes, and one of those times was yesterday when Terry shared this in the group — it’s … exactly as the title says, as in, a very loud live of Bury’s, in fact a show with a band!

Yeah, the sound quality is ~, but shut your dang face, Bury is good and cool and you should be enjoying the fact that they’re keeping that punk thing moving, and that they have an appreciable number of wota to make that penlight thing look good, and that they get to do gigs with bands, and that they’re going to be a group worth watching from here on out, as so evinced. Unless they break up in the meantime! Which could happen, as this is idol, and idol is the cruelest thing.

I have no idea if Bury has anything new planned for the upcoming months, but it sure would be neat if they could make a few moves, and then we’d be talking about them as picking up some awards noise next year!