Kick Jesus and Santa to the Curb: Seireki13ya Is What’s Exciting about This Year’s Christmas

The title is the best part of this article.

Since I’m going to hell anyway with this title, I hope I can run some marathons with Watanabe. This is this website’s version of a recipe blog, because I need padding for this article and I hope Maniac will edit this, but he likely won’t because we love a good trainwreck.

Heya! Are you tired of Seireki13ya being the least agressive act of Codomomental? I’m not! Clearly on a sugar high and can’t stop, won’t stop. 

Yesterday, Seireki previewed the second song they played at their debut live. With said preview, they announced the release date of their first single, a mere week away! Exciting!

I don’t have the lyrics! But I have the song preview for “Senkai Sengoto” here. It’s a single with a single song you should totally buy. If you are in Japan, go to release events and tweet your chekis at me!

Should you not be convinced by this heavy-handed salespitch, you should know that Codomomental has a second present for you, releasing “Oyasumi Mirai to Koiotome” on Jan. 23 of the coming year. Notably, it has an instrumental for the title track. If you were hoping to do a Codomomental cover, you’re in luck.

Is this headdress just a very large grosgrain ribbon with lace on the sides?