PassCode Saw It Fit To Gift Us a New Song, Praise Be

I figure that Papermaiden’s going to take the daily post title award, so I’ll just riff on her concept and completely reject her blasphemy this time by flipping it around and saying YEAH THANKS SANTA THIS IS JUST WHAT I WANTED!

Or, I guess it’s more appropriate to say, PassCode, I’ve been missing you, why don’t you come in, there’s pie and cider and yes, we’re all annoyed with him too, I got him extra drunk on eggnog and now he’s sleeping it off, oh for me? for all of us! Why, it’s exactly what we need to kick this traditional holiday get-together of people in ugly sweaters into high gear! I’ll just put this right on for everybody to enjoy!

Wow! That’s very nice, and a little bit different from what I was expecting! Thank you so much for being so considerate and bringing something that everybody could enjoy!

-/- character

That’s really interesting though! I thought Terry was pulling my leg when he messaged this my way yesterday, but there it was, real and true and in the flesh. Well, digitally. But cool. It’s in honor of their PassCode 2016-2018 LIVE UNLIMITED album release, which I’m taking to mean that it’s a bonus not-live track on the album and they want everybody to know that it’s there to goose sales. Consider me sufficiently goosed!

On the occasion of wanting to write this, I went back through the archives and man, 2018 wasn’t a bad year for PassCode — hale and hearty, they went all over the place and did notable work — but it was easily their least talked-about year, and I don’t just mean for ye olde website. Here’s to that never again being repeated and the loudest idols from Osaka going on an unholy tear in 2019!

Update: Oh crap they put up a whole bunch of previews on Soundcloud too!