Kerrie Reviews Things Sleepily: Wagamama Kiite | ‘for my Dear’

Let me tell you a story, while I’m still awake and waiting for my CD to arrive in the mail. A story that starts in early 2017. It was the beginning of the first WACK audition (y’know, the one that brought us Momoland, Pan Luna Leafy and EMPiRE? Yeah, that one) and the happy (but not for long) campers were gradually being revealed on Twitter. The first girl to be shown was “Cent Chihiro Tatta”.

I thought “She’s really pretty, I wonder how well she’ll do?”, as Watanabe continued to reveal more auditionees. One of the next girls to catch my eye was Michihayashi Rio. I thought “Wow! She’s adorable in that sort-of awkward way I love! I hope we get to see more of her!”

More and more audition profiles started, a few more girls caught my eye, I was excited for what’s to come. But then everyone I was rooting for failed the audition anyway, I was bitter, yadda yadda. Eventually, I found out one of the girls I really liked had gone on to do Miss iD and I was happy again. But I was still, in the back of my mind, wondered, “Whatever came of those other audition girls I liked?”

Fast forward to July 2018, in the WACK Discord, where the subject of Wagamama Kiite?? came up. “Hey, did you know a couple of the girls from the 2017 WACK audition are in this group?”

I looked them up and there they were! Tatta (now Moe) and Shirio (now Asaka)!

I was hyped! More girls from the audition out there doing new things! I vowed, “I was rooting for Asaka in the auditions, I’ll root for her in her new career too!” and went on to order their debut EP, “for my Dear”, which only just arrived on my doorstep yesterday.

Anyway, Kiite have a new single out next month, so what better time to review their first release while horribly sleep-deprived? Other than when it actually came out, I mean.

1 .わがま☆マジカル

I remember feeling pretty “meh” about this song when I first heard it, now I’m half-asleep it’s not too bad. Yet, all I can think of is BALLOONS!

Zutto Zutto Zutto Balloon Party! Maybe I should have just bought this CD completely blind.


I could imagine this song playing in some visual novel action game thingymadoo that I’d see all over Tumblr and Twitter but ultimately never play, but might catch an episode or two of the inevitable anime adaptation.

I was about to say, I wonder what these girls would look as anime/not!Persona characters but then I remembered, that’s the CD cover.

Alternatively, I could go down the same route of that last sleepy review where I annoy my neighbours by parking in front of their houses and blaring this full-volume while I repeatedly hit my car with a wrench for five solid hours. Just this song. On repeat. One day.


Choo choo!

Oh, wrong chu.

I could exercise to this. This is a totally a gym song. But not for hardcore workouts but like, the warmup.

Does anyone remember Mr. Motivator? What is he up to these days?


Meanwhile, at the gym, I’m on the treadmill. The other girls are judging me. Also, they have magic wands. They’re using their magic to speed me up unrealistic levels, sort of like that triple speed button in The Sims. Please leave me alone, Wagamama Kiite??. You failed the WACK audition, we don’t need to run marathons or diet any more.

Wagamama Kiite?? are laughing. Uri magics weights onto my arms.

All right song though.


The last song is almost motivational. Not like exercise motivational, but “I’m about to escape from the gym because screw you guys!” motivational. Despite being my tormentors, Wagamama Kiite?? sing along cheerfully. Maybe they were mere slaves to a bigger threat, but secretly rooting for me?

Whatever, I quit the gym. End album.

Oh, and a final note from awake!Kerrie, if you see any more girls from the WACK auditions pop up in other things, tell me! So far, we’ve found Moe, Asaka, Aono, “Gamiya Saki” and “Bug Me (SiS ver.)“, I love knowing what past audition runner-ups are up to nowadays!

But more importantly, Wagamama Kiite?? are currently holding the MV to their latest single hostage from us! They will release the full video if the following tweet gets 500 retweets. So, get to it!