I’m Rectifying a Longstanding Omission: Wagamama Kiite

Now, before I start to actually blog this post with all the decorum and professionalism of a person who goes by Maniac online, allow me to acknowledge that this is so incredibly far from being a hey-look-what-I-found moment, but a I-know-you’ve-been-bugging-me-about-this one. Who hasn’t brought up Wagamama Kiite (Twitter) at some point in the last couple of months? And I get it, they have a sound and a fun name. They should get attention!

So here’s attention. In fact, attention ever since you started to point at them and scream, you animals, because I don’t know when I started to Twitter and Soundcloud follow them, but it was definitely long enough ago to forget that it had happened, and now look, there’s a new track on Soundcloud, platform of champions, and we’re going to sit here together and enjoy it:

Those are my two favorite tracks of theirs; in no way is their work bad, though other material tends more toward the run-of-the-mill. For instance, their debut:

That being said, the top track there being the newest as of yesterday, that’s some good stuff. I want more of it. I want to know why I am being challenged as to their levels of selfishness. I’d also like to know if they’re actually releasing anything soon, or if it’s just this one-man coming

Worth watching, though, I think.

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