Melon Batake a go go Takes Creative to Unfair Levels

You know that feeling when you just really, really want to do something, but can’t? And the constraints aren’t like “I’m chained to a wall in Evil Wizard G’gothorol’s volcanic conjuration tower because I’ll be sacrificed as part of the ritual to raise fire demons to destroy humanity,” but more “I’m stuck at work and then have a thing and there are deadlines galore,” because not only was G’gothorol defeated at the end of last season (and his soul trapped in a crystal mirror that was subsequently — and very deliberately — shattered), but that’s a completely implausible scenario and relatable to, like, three or four people reading this, tops. That was me yesterday. “Oh look, new Melon Batake a go go — hey Team Homicidols, what’s good!” and everybody was like “oh, I, urm” and I stared at Twitter for a couple of minutes, wondering whether I should give the new MV a turn, whether I should then take meaningful time away from the that-needs-to-publish-by-butt-o’clock project, whether my loyalties to self or idol run deeper … and I punted.

Fortunately, time passes, and Melon doesn’t stop being great as all heck in 16 hours’ time, so here you go!

What I love about this? And by “what” I mean “in addition to being perfect for Melon’s inevitable gig opening for Nekromantix and Tiger Army?” It didn’t need to happen. SICKxIDOLSxSICK has been out for (/checks watch) a while (and is very good!), and other video has been released in support of it. Hell, even if the album had never been released, we’d still be intimately familiar with this skanktastic little song.

In other words, the release of this video is basically to flex on the rest of idol, or at least chika idol. After the late-night-public-access-monster-movie-marathon spin-off that was the “Horror Billy Nights” MV, why not double down on the conceptual framework of sick movie sick (please get a DVD release in the USA!), slap together some edited footage with the kind of comic book imagery that suits outer space alien superhero idols, and dare any and everybody else — which is merely a performative courtesy, because you know they won’t — to try to beat it?

Melon’s on fire.