I’ve Missed Osaka Shunkashuto

I was going through some of the recent festival lives the other day, and did the smart thing and kept checking out the YouTube recommendations — how else to waste literal hours at work? — and I saw a familiar face. MAINA. You know, arguably the most talented girl in idol? Tiny little person, ridiculous dancer, more-ridiculous singer, capable of playing instruments and stuff? That MAINA.

Normally, where there’s MAINA, there’s Osaka Shunkashuto, who … did not really impress with their last release, but they’re legit until they stop being legit, and I happen to be a total MAINA partisan and will struggle to keep her and her group relevant (to me, at least) until they’re a full-on R&B outfit, which would be cool in its own way, but not really a thing for Homicidols.com.

Anyway, here’s a live, because we’ve barely seen them lately!

Neat! Also, I found the set choice interesting, given that … well. Live sets can get pretty diverse.

Syukasyun’s got something good going for them, though, because they’re headed to @JAM in Shanghai … today … well, it probably already happened … damn. I bet Rain’s happy, though!

With PRGT, among others. I’d dig that show. Always wanted to see Shanghai, too, and I can actually speak a teeny tiny bit of Mandarin Chinese, so I’d make a tiny bit less of a fool of myself if I were to go! Nonetheless, this is so summer, it hurts. And it’s like 80 bajillion degrees outside today, so I’ll actually take my summer as virtually as possible, thanks. This paragraph makes no sense! Purple monkey dishwasher.