Finally! Osaka Shunkashuto’s MV for ‘New Me’

It feels like we’ve been talking about SSFW’s latest for weeks (because we have), and finally the MV hits the real Internet:

Yeah, they released this on their app at least a week ago, and then teased out a download link on Twitter (and immediately deleted it), and I was starting to think that the video would never get a public release because idols can be cruel.

It’d be a shame if Syukasyun got away from the rock sound that made them, but I defy anybody to tell me that they don’t want to dance to this. Awkwardly maybe, but you should always dance like you don’t care because the music compels, and you can’t refuse the music.

Also, when you’re MAINA, while you can do almost anything, you’d be dumb not to want to get this funky.

Now don’t let this influence the Monday Match Game too much.

12 thoughts on “Finally! Osaka Shunkashuto’s MV for ‘New Me’

  1. Very good stuff. Not what we’re used to, but good, never less. It seems they may be reaching “out” of Idol and maturing towards more mainstream pop stuff?

    I think we’re not getting any more zombie combat themed PV’s. That’s OK, though.

  2. This is almost like a K-pop video… If ya know what I mean.
    Aina (The End) commended Maina on the video [in a since-deleted tweet]. I dig it.

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