Your Homicidols Weekender #35

Hey gang! I’m still reeling from this week. In the end, I got a better-performing website out of the deal, and a nice shot of vigor. I feel badly, though, because it was a pretty good week for idol and I was sitting there with my thumb up my ass while jerks jerked all over this thing of mine. Happy ending, though!

Meanwhile, it’s Saturday, not a day of rest for everybody but still a high point. If you get a chance, do check out the interview with NECRONOMIDOL that was the final straw to my old site host treating like a dog (plus Krv’s great show report), and of course play the Fun if you’re so inclined. Otherwise:


We may need to create a Tweet of the Year category for things like this:

Gokigen Teikoku is having a context, and that’s all I know about this because no Nihongo:

The oddly timed graduation hits keep coming, here from DAIDAIDAI:

And the entirety of DOPING BERRY:

Our dude Hububub, aka @BurntSnowLou, got in his own live review of Necroma over on John’s site:

Say, what’s Hanako-san up to?


If you’re smart and like JyuJyu, it may interest you to know that they’re getting a pair of new members post, uh, what’s-her-name’s graduation:

You’ll Melt More! with yet another bit of live video:


Speaking of (former) blondes, what’s Shinozaki Kokoro up to?

Update! No better, look at the comment downstairs!

I’ll admit that I still don’t know how I totally feel about Kurohara’s new project, PUZZLE, but this is neat:

“ITHAQUA” en francais:

Terada Juno lives!

And apparently performs again!

You asked for it:

I have no idea if AIBECK will ever amount to anything, but their trope-destroying game is right on point:

When your friends show you love:

I loved Oyasumi Hologram’s “empty page” all the way back when they stuck it on Soundcloud like forever ago; now there’s an MV!

This little dedication to Hina from Sugartrap is pretty neat:


So the idol formerly known as Ruru Summertree (of Bokura no Oyugi fame in particular) is now doing the solo dubstep thing as Fun Fun Fun:

If you’re cool like me, this autoplays straight into a really cool tofubeats track

Have an amazing weekend!

10 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #35

  1. What’s Shinozaki Kokoro up to?

    Her and Pikarin was in a video together – she’s so hot :p (and Pikarin is obviously a maniac).

  2. So, has Hanako-san given up on being a “vocalist” and settled into being an idol version of Gallagher? All I see I photos of her spitting and dumping food on her subjects. The other possibility is that there’s a strict embargo on what media is allowed to be shown outside of her performances and we just don’t get to see/hear that stuff.

    This is utter speculation on my part, and I’m not an expert on Cookie Monster vocals, but I’ve seen comments before where posters argue that she’s been doing it all wrong and is damaging her vocal cords. I’m starting to suspect that she doesn’t do much “vocalizing” because it’s been realized that she needed to lay off for her own sake.

    • I wondered that a little bit, too, because she was all over the place even just a few months ago, and is now, like, nowhere. She/her company has been really protective of copyright in the past, though, like when they openly chided fans for sharing tracks on YouTube.

    • The last time I heard of her having a new song was at the end of last year like October or November. I do remember that right after her album dropped someone uploaded it online and then it soon spread everywhere so more people were downloading it instead of purchasing it. And they were also uploading entire songs (and even the whole album) on YouTube. This caused her to actually go on Twitter and plead with people to not upload her music on YouTube and she even said it not only in Nihongo but in English too. So I’m not sure if any of that prompted her or her label to prohibit music or live video from being uploaded but I know that can be really upsetting for any artist, especially one very independent like her.

      Found her original tweet here:

  3. It’s not *really* relevant to this site but I know some here like laid back idolly hip hop so I’ll just drop this here.
    Written and produced by YUPPA aka HNC aka Hazel Nuts Chocolate, who back in the Noughties was the only thing approaching idol I liked and was aware of. Thats her playing Mum at the end.

    • Ahh that was good, I’m digging it!!!!

      And that “La La” sample driving it is lifted from Nelson Riddle’s score to Stanley Kubrick’s “Lolita”, which is both awesome and mildly uncomfortable! Nicely done….

      • Is *that* where it’s from? I’d heard the sample before in another song but didn’t know the source. That does put a bit of a different spin on things.

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