At Last, Alloy’s MV

This is kind of a funny little sage if you’re me, and probably not amusing at all for you because the whole reason you clicked was to look at the thing promised in the title, but maybe I feel like burying the lede a little bit to indulge myself, okay.

So Alloy, who are good and promising but have been through kind of a tough start since their debut late last year, and who are carrying the proud torch of petit pas! and are therefore worth at least some time to round out, have been consistently doing these twitcasts, and sometimes those twitcasts involve song clips. There’s a version of this post, this exact same chunk of HTML in fact, that included embeds of several of them! And I had intended to run that on Tuesday … and then Wednesday … and then even Thursday, but there was so much in the air that I backed off, maybe if they could just get that promised video out!

There we are!

It’s the short version, and of course it’s on Twitter as opposed to actual YouTube, which makes me think that it may be a DVD thing and overall reminds me that idol managers apparently have no idea how to make money in a world more modern than 2005, but whatever, they’re debuting the full version next week (at the one-man or in conjunction with the one-man, I can’t tell).

It’s pretty fun! And it’s different — in execution, not really in the What — than I’d expected, based on their various teasers. Even includes a neat little vocal turn toward the end of the chorus (unless an atonal vocal harmony is something that you do accidentally and then somehow leave in the finished track)!

So, basically, at the end of the day, buy Alloy’s single so they keep doing more of this stuff, and keep your fingers crossed for a full version of this. Some amount of actual money was spent on its production, so I hope that it gets actual play.

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