That MAINA’s Something Else, Isn’t She?

Not all idols are particularly great at Twitter, or they don’t care enough to use it, or their manager doesn’t care enough to require them to, etc. Who is great, though, is MAINA, Osaka Shunkashuto’s doll-sized vocal powerhouse and objectively one of the cutest human beings alive.

More importantly, as those of us who count themselves as MAINA marks will tell you until you beg us to stop, is that she’s a ridiculous all-around talent, such that she’s often doing performance work outside the bounds of SSFW, as we’ve seen before.

Proving both points made so far, she very casually shared this on Twitter yesterday:

Now all that long after sharing this:

Despite the description, I still had to check a couple of times — that’s not Shunkashuto, who do happen to be a dance unit first and an idol unit second, but an entirely different dance thing that MAINA wound up crushing it with.

So come on over to the– Well, it’s not really a dark side when it involves bottled sunshine, is it? Unexpected side? Side of terrible smarks? Regardless, yeah, Aina the End is great and all and she beat MAINA fair and square in the match game, but respect. Respect. There are lots of talented idols, but like a handful that are so literally the total package.

The piano thing, that’s a work in progress

3 thoughts on “That MAINA’s Something Else, Isn’t She?

  1. Interesting (although not really surprising) to see that Yui from MilkyHat (yes, MilkyHat) was in EpocH with MAINA and MANA..

    Also: MAINA marks must make MAINA-mania mandatory!

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