It’s Been a While, So … Let’s Poco Poco!

I legit can barely remember the last time that we had a nice look at You’ll Melt More! sister unit Let’s Poco Poco, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth a nice little look.

They released their latest MV yesterday:

“Nothing Without You”? Nihongo is hard

I’m just the tiniest bit disappointed: The first few seconds, with the scream and the blood and the vacant eyes of the concussed, had filled me with hope that this might be a legitimately dark video, but it’s lots of fun instead. I GUESS I’LL SETTLE FOR FUN!

Cool song, though, isn’t it? There are a lot of moves in there reminiscent of their big sister (and also remember, this is where Chibo landed after the YMM downsizing last year). And, incidentally, it’s my YMM sweet spot in a lot of ways for when they aren’t doing their absolute peak material (as opposed to their more typical and common material), so I’m pretty much totally down with this.

Also: Is this for a single? Album? Ridiculous one-off because they felt like it? This is how disconnected I am from idol groups that I often should follow, but don’t.